My name is Francesca and I’m entering my second year of college. I’ve been an athlete since my mom put me in gymnastics classes at the age of three. From there I spent nine years in the gym, tried soccer, ballet, and basketball on the side and then fell in love with Track and Field in high school. I tried sprinting, hurdles, and pole vault before I found my calling in long and triple jump.

I looked into going to college for track but ultimately chose a school that I loved where track was not an option for me. I was doing okay adjusting to life post track until the spring season came around and I began to desperately miss the spirit of the sport, the energy of the meets, and the triumph of overcoming and accomplishing superhuman feats. So on the first warm spring day, after a cold winter spent on the elliptical, I decided to go for a run.

Now let me just preface that last statement with the fact that I, up until this point, hated running. Ironic for a Track and Field athlete, I know. In fact, I probably hadn’t run more than a mile, maybe two, at a single practice in my life. I’d always wanted to be a runner because my dad was, but I just couldn’t seem to find the high that so many seemed to get out of it. Until that warm spring day that is.

I set out headed towards the Lincoln Memorial and ended up running five miles. The feeling I got from that run can only be described as beatific. I was hooked. I began running as much as I could and when I moved home for the summer decided I would spend my free months training for a half marathon in September.

This blog is about  my endeavors into running, my half marathon training, and maybe a little more. I’m still unsure. All I know is this summer has left me with a lot of free time and I love to both write and run.

Here’s to making it to 13.1!


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